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Because your health means everything to us, at Serra Medical Group we renew ourselves to be closer to you💙. This is space to share news, tips and advices to keep you healthy.

Nutrition in the elderly

How can we control ourselves during the holiday season?
Write down these tips specially for adults to have a balance lifestyle during holidays.

¿What is Diabetes? Symptoms of diabetes

You don’t have to be afraid of Diabetes!
Dr. Gerardo Cabanillas explains us the signs, symptoms and risk factors of diabetes and some of its treatments in this short video.

¿What is cervical cancer? How to prevent it?

Cervical cancer is totally preventable. How to prevent it? Let us learn about this and other topics in this little video.

Prostate Cancer – Essential Facts and Information

Although 1 in 9 men 👨 could suffer from prostate cancer in his life, if detected early prostate cancer has a higher probability of having a successful treatment.
☝ In this video we will tell you the most important aspects about this type of cancer.

Glaucoma – Everything you need to know

We tell you a little more about glaucoma disease in this little video.

How do vaccines work?

Did you get all your vaccines this year? Do you know If you need any other vaccine? We will tell you more on this video.

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